2 Industry Leading Headphones For The Incredible Gaming Experience

You might think the graphics of the games are one of the great things in levelling up your gaming experience. But no…it isn’t just graphics, it’s sound quality, the better the sound, the more you get immersed. 

Imagine having a great PC, LED, high graphic game but you’re getting the lowest quality distorted sound that ruins your gaming fun. You don’t want that right? Well, luckily there are headphones that will give you the sound that feels like it’s coming from your surroundings. 

Intrigued? Let’s talk about these headphones that you must buy for gaming that immerse you completely. One of the headphones I’m talking about is the Astro series by Logitech and good for you they’re giving 15% off right now with the ASTRO gaming discount code offer. 



Logitech calls the experience in this headphone “unparalleled realism” meaning that there’ll be no difference in the sound of the real world and the sound that will come out of your game. Combine it with real-world graphics of games and there’ll no way you won’t feel like you’re in the game. 

The sound quality is so good that every time you play your favourite game let’s say RDR2, you’ll hear the sound from your surroundings as if you’re living here living at that moment. 3D sound means if one sound is coming from your back in the game, you’ll hear it from the back. 

This quality comes because of Pro-G Graphene Audio Drivers installed in these headphones which is able to give you the sound with that kind of detail. The reason behind that is these drivers are engineered with a 50 mm graphene diaphragm that features a live edge suspension and delivers an immersive soundscape and high-fidelity sound with extremely low distortion. 

This is what differentiates normal headphones and the pro ones!

If a character fires from the back, the sound will come from the back. Don’t you need that kind of immersion? While normal headphones just have the normal sounds of one direction with no surrounding sound. This is the feature that is most crucial in gaming. 

Well, if you’ve got two consoles with PC, there’s a Playsync 3-System Switching feature that lets you connect to three devices whether Xbox, PC or Playstation altogether so you won’t even have to connect individually, you could just press the button and switch between any of these devices. This feature might be extra because no one has the three devices together but still, you might have one and it may be useful for you. 

One of the most painful for gamers is latency…if a game lags because of network delays, what’s more painful than this? Now this can happen with wireless headphones as well. Here’s how. You are hearing the game but you see there’s a lag in sound and audio. 

You start to hear a sound after you take a shot. You can just imagine how painful is this. But luckily, you got the incredible wireless technology is the Astro series. With that lightspeed wireless technology, the sound will be coming easily even if you are far from the console. 

Astro series has models of headphones from Astro A50 X, wireless + to Astro A10…the price starts from $59 all the way to $379. 



I’d call this one even better, here’s why. If you are a streamer who talks while gaming, mostly in the live games. Or if you’re a live streamer or gaming creator, this is what you need. The detachable mic in this headphone is super great. Because the sound that comes out of it is super crystal clear while getting every detail of the voice that your teammates and streamers will hear you clearly. 

Most of the time, you have to buy a separate mic, but if you’re on a budget. It’s time to kill two birds with one stone, you get the great audio and mic with it so you don’t have to buy it separately. 

Even if you wear it for a long day, it will never hurt your ear because the ULTRA-SOFT FLOWKNIT MEMORY FOAM CUSHIONS in these headphones are gonna cover up your ears and give you comfort so you never feel the pain of wearing it for long hours. 

The battery? You won’t believe it if I tell you that. You get a whole 70 hours of time with it with one charge. But if you forget to charge it…just an emergency charge of 15 minutes can give you 6 hours of usage. So there’s going to be no worries when it comes to charging. 

Razer Blackshark has the same sound technology to get you immersed in the game easily. It has THX SPATIAL AUDIO Advanced 7.1 surround sound technology. So no worries the experience of immersion will be the same with this headphone.
You also get 2 2-year warranty and a 14-day return guarantee with the headphones. 


Wrap Up

For the part where you need a mic Razer Blackshark V2 Pro is something you’re looking for and for the premium surrounding sound quality (if you don’t need a mic that much) you need to go for ASTRO SERIES headphones.