Choose the Best Quality Darjeeling Tea in India 2024

Tea runs in the blood of South Asians, specifically in India. Darjeeling Tea is one of the famous tea flavours favoured by people all over India. After all, there are colossal tea plantation gardens situated in three different areas: Darjeeling, Assam, and the Nilgiri Tea Garden Plantation system, in which Darjeeling Tea grows in the Darjeeling region of India. 


At that time, amongst these three places, today in this blog, we are going to cover that part of the tea plantation garden, which is Darjeeling Tea, which is known for its taste and known as the “champagne of tea” due to its exquisite taste and aroma. 


Darjeeling Tea grows in the Himalayas of Darjeeling in West Bengal. We provide you with the best quality Darjeeling tea by Indian Splendor Tea, which people prefer to drink more than any other tea flavour. It is because of the benefits provided by tea, which we will discuss further in the blog.


About Darjeeling Tea 


Darjeeling Tea is one of the exquisitely flavoured teas that people consume in massive amounts. Over time, it has gained enormous popularity because of how this tea brings in the feeling of being fresh and living in the moment with wonders. 


It is grown in the greenery of the Himalayas in its foothills, where it is produced within a unique terroir and climatic conditions, which adds to the exquisite flavour and fragrance of Darjeeling Tea. 


And in this, the Darjeeling Tea provided by Indian Splendor Tea brings you the finest Darjeeling leaf straight from the premium areas with hills. The Darjeeling Tea by Indian Splendor Tea gives the peak of GI-tagged region for your tea cups daily for your teacup, which makes your day energetic. 


While Darjeeling Tea is rich in flavour and taste, it provides excessive benefits that aim to improve the consumer’s or drinker’s experience, making it one of their favorite tea flavours. 


Characteristics of Darjeeling Tea 


Darjeeling Tea is a black tea produced in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. It has the taste or flavour of citrus fruit, flowers, and vegetal quality, which not only makes it sweeter but also “less bitter” than any other type of black tea grown in any other area of India. 


It is due to this that Darjeeling Tea provides a fruity aroma and a beautiful colour. The Darjeeling Black tea is golden or bronze in colour. However, the colour depends on how it is brewed. 

Darjeeling Tea is the “Champagne of teas.” It not only looks expensive but is also favourably low in calories, making it suitable for drinking regularly or at different times of the week. 


However, it is not just this but also the undeniable fact that Darjeeling Tea has various features that make it beneficial to be consumed by the people, which made it so famous by the people. 


So, let us discuss the benefits provided by Darjeeling Tea, which make it unique among people who consume it. 


Benefits of Darjeeling Tea 


People famously consume Darjeeling tea. Over the years, it has become very famous throughout the country and worldwide. It is because of its benefits. The tea leaves of Darjeeling Tea contain “polyphenols,” which help fight various chronic diseases and inflammation. 


However, it is seen that Darjeeling Tea, in Black tea, seems to be healthy when it helps in accommodation for coffee and sugar-laden energy drinks, keeping your health fit and up to the mark. 


Also, it is required to know or consider the fact importance that “drinking Darjeeling Tea will not entirely make you fit and OK but accommodates in balancing your diet. 


  1. Boosts Heart Health—Darjeeling tea’s lower calories make it suitable for drinking for heart health, keeping you safe from any pressure, heart attack, or stroke. 


  1. Lowers Down Blood Sugar Level – Drinking Darjeeling Tea provides you with the benefit of lowering the blood sugar in your body, which prevents one from keeping the person’s sugar level under control. 


  1. Helps with Cavities – Darjeeling Tea prevents people from cavities in their gums. This tea helps balance the microbiome of the mouth. 


  1. It helps during weight loss. Drinking Darjeeling Tea enables you to balance your diet while maintaining your fat level, which allows you to lose weight. 


  1. Helpful in times of Stress—In the present situation, stress has become a significant cause of death for many people, so keeping one’s stress level under control is recommended. At that time, one can drink Darjeeling Tea, which provides various antioxidants that help calm down the mind and relax the body in a state of panic and stress.


  1.  Anti-Ageing – Drinking Darjeeling Black Leaf Tea helps the person keep their skin nourished and protected from ageing soon. 


Guide To Choose the Best Quality Darjeeling Tea


When you are stuck choosing the best Darjeeling Tea, you must contact us at Indian Splendor Tea, where you can get your favourite flavour. 


In between this, there are different types of Darjeeling Tea, there are three different types of Darjeeling tea flush, such as:


The first batch of Darjeeling Tea will be produced in March and provides a mixture of green hues and notes, along with floral undertones, providing a floral flavour and aroma for that edition of Darjeeling Tea. 


But if you prefer another type of Darjeeling Tea, you can opt for the second flush of the year, which grows in June, when most of the harvest of the Darjeeling Tea takes place. In this edition, Darjeeling Tea is known for its production of green-gold leaves, which are rich in honey and spiced stone fruit flavours—making your one sip filled with the taste of honey and the fragrance of beautiful flowers. 


During the third harvesting time, the autumn harvesting season, Darjeeling tea is grown under the rare oolong, making you feel the presence of unique terroir in your teacup. 


Three seasons of harvesting Darjeeling Tea make it seasoned so that you can adjust it to your taste and mood. Your preference determines which Darjeeling Tea you can effectively drink. 




Which Darjeeling tea is best in flavour?

Darjeeling Black tea is the best flavour to drink when it comes to Darjeeling tea. 


Which Darjeeling flush is best?

The first flush of Darjeeling Tea is proven to be the best for any consumer, as this bundle includes nutrition, caffeine, and antioxidants.