Documents Students Need During the Canada Study Visa Process

Studying in canada is the dream of every international student. There are numerous benefits that international students get while studying in canada.  First and foremost, while studying in canada international students get a high-quality education. Moreover, they get various job opportunities for their career advancement.

During studying in canada international students get numerous things and polish their skills. In other words, can say that studying in canada leads to students’ personal and professional growth. As they explore new places, meet new people, learn a new language, immerse into a new culture, enjoy a new climate, and so on. These experiences change students’ perspectives on the world. 

However, to enjoy all these benefits of studying in Canada international students, first, get a Canada study visa. For that, they have to fulfill all the Canada study visa requirements. They have to go through the lengthy and complex study visa process to get their visa. To successfully get the visa they, can also find expert Canada study visa consultants and seek guidance from them to successfully get the visa.  

Here is the list of documents you need for the Canada study visa process:


The passport is one of the most crucial documents of the study visa process, therefore every student must have their passport. Your passport is used as an identity card for you during the study visa process and also during your study journey. So, if you do not have a passport then, you should apply for a passport as early as you can. However, if you have you must check their validity it is valid only for 10 years. So, if your passport is going to expire soon, you should renew it. Before starting the study visa process you must have a valid passport.

English Proficiency Test Scores:

If you want to study in canada, you must pass the English proficiency test first with a high band score. As canada is English English-speaking country to survive there students must have good English-speaking skills. Therefore, before starting the visa process students must pass the English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL with a high score. During the Canada study visa process you have to submit the certificate of your English proficiency test to show your English proficiency level. It gives immigration officers the idea that you can easily survive while studying in Canada.

Previous Academic Transcripts:

The other documents you need for the study visa process are your previous academic transcripts. As it gives the visa officer an idea of your previous academic performance. Moreover, it also demonstrates that the study course you apply for study in canada is relevant to your previous academic stream and helps you to gain your future objectives. So, you have to collect all your previous academic certificates before starting the canada study visa process. 

Letters of Recommendation:

A letter of recommendation is also one of the needed documents for the canada study visa process. It is the document that students get from their previous educational institutes. This letter demonstrates your abilities, accomplishments, and academic performance in the previous institute. You need this document when you apply for admission to any Canadian university. 

Statement of Purpose:

During the canada study visa process, you have to submit the SOP. It is known as a Statement of Purpose that give the visa officer an idea about your purpose of visiting their country.  Make sure you write an adequate and well-structured SOP. For that, you can also seek help from a visa consultant.  You must include all the information in your SOP regarding your Study course, college, and purpose of study in canada. 

Proof of Funds:

During the canada study visa process you have to submit your bank statement to show your financial status. For study in canada, student have to show a certain amount of money in their bank account in the form of funds. These funds ensure that students can manage their living expenses and tuition fees while studying in canada. So, before starting the canada study visa process, you have to arrange the needed funds. You can also apply for a study loan and seek financial help from relatives. 

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Wrapping Up:

To wrap it up, to fulfill your dream of studying in canada you have to gr through lengthy visa processing. During the visa process, you need all the above-mentioned documents. So, before starting the visa process, you have to collect all these documents.