For years now, fashionistas have been proving that they have warm feelings for bomber jackets. Saying goodbye to them with the onset of winter is very sad, so we will not take such a step (unless we leave aside jackets made of lightweight materials). Now insulated bombers have become the main trend of the cold season. We’ll tell you which model to choose for winter 2024 to be the most stylish.


In the 1930s, brothers Robert and John Douglas were commissioned to produce flight jackets for the US Air Force. This type of outerwear was worn by bomber pilots, hence the name of the model – bomber jacket. The jacket protected pilots from bad weather while flying on combat aircraft – there was no glass in the cockpits, so the crew had to insulate themselves. The first bomber jackets were made of genuine leather; in the 1950s, the jacket began to be produced with a bright orange lining. It was difficult for rescue services to find a person in camouflage uniform, so pilots who made an emergency landing turned the jacket inside out and put it on with the bright side out. During its existence – and this is almost a century! – the bomber jacket received a considerable number of variations. The first models A-1 and A-2 made of leather with knitted cuffs and a fur collar are still popular today. However, it was the MA-1 jacket with a knitted elastic collar that became the iconic version of this outerwear.


Cargo bombers guarantee success, especially if they are paired with the same trousers. Choose fashionable jackets with pockets on the sides and sleeves – these models are more relevant than ever. But don’t be afraid to choose jackets with overlays, even in the most unobvious places. The more details, the more spectacular the outfit. Pay attention to cargo bombers made of leather or nylon (just remember that they must be filled with down) – similar options are in fashion in winter 2024. These stylish jackets are quite voluminous due to numerous pockets, so if you do not want to focus attention on the shoulders and chest area, then it is better to avoid them.


The bomber down jacket takes first place in the hit parade of fashionable jackets for this cold season. And for good reason! This model will become real winter armor, because it will warm you in severe frosts and protect you from the cold wind. Choose plain products with a minimum of details – such jackets do not need additional accents. There is one unspoken rule with down jacket bombers: the larger the jacket, the more fashionable the look. But girls with figures like “inverted triangle” and “rectangle” should be careful with such jackets: in them the shoulder area will visually increase several times, and the waist will disappear.


A bright bomber jacket will not only add richness to your look, but will also become an ultra-trend accent. If you are still in doubt about orange or purple, you can start with red – this color suits everyone. Moreover, scarlet and red-orange are trendy shades for winter 2024 . But bomber jackets with a bright print, on the contrary, will make the image outdated and even comical.


A quilted bomber jacket is reminiscent of a down jacket: it will definitely keep you warm. Only a large stitch looks appropriate on such a model. But we have long included jackets with small, narrow or patterned quilted elements on the list of anti-trends. Fashionable outerwear should not have unnecessary details – the stitched parts already create an accent. This bomber jacket can be styled with a narrow belt. Just make sure that the belt matches the jacket and does not stand out, otherwise there is a risk of ruining the whole look.


The classic leather bomber jacket has already become a wardrobe staple. And although this model fits into almost any image, there are still several important nuances. Choose a trendy winter bomber jacket made of smooth black or brown leather – these models will last you a long time. It is better to avoid jackets made of textured leather so as not to upset the balance in the outfit. Fashionable leather outerwear will be relevant for a long time if there are no unnecessary details and accents on it, so take a closer look at laconic models. We recommend experimenting with color for the most daring: bombers in khaki, olive and milk shades will make any look fashionable. Leather jackets in rich colors also look trendy.

To create an up-to-date look, choose bomber jackets that reach mid-thigh; we’ll leave shortened models for the warmer months. You should not introduce too thin jackets into your winter wardrobe – in the cold season they can only be used as a second layer. The most fashionable tandem: bomber jacket + cargo pants or “parachutes”. An equally successful duet for winter 2024 is a bomber jacket + mini skirt. If you add bright or printed tights to this look, it will become even more impressive.

Match fashionable bomber jackets with shoes of diametrically opposite styles. Tube boots with stiletto heels or laconic ankle boots will make the outfit elegant. Take a closer look at dutik and ugg boots – such massive pairs will balance out the voluminous top. The most harmonious combination for a fashionable jacket is daring lace-up boots. Unless we recommend avoiding pairs that reach the middle of the shin – such shoes are already outdated. Combine bomber jackets with bright clothes, shoes and accessories – choose rich shades that will surely get rid of the winter-autumn blues. Monochrome combos with jackets like these look trendy: take a closer look at red, black and burgundy leather total looks.