Unveiling the Charm of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s Long Hair

When one thinks of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, images of a short-legged, lively, and affectionate companion often come to mind. However, delve deeper into the world of these delightful dogs, and you may stumble upon a delightful surprise – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with long hair. Yes, you heard it right! While the classic image of a Corgi may be the short-haired variety, there exists a subset of these adorable canines with luxurious, fluffy coats that add an extra layer of charm to an already beloved breed.

Understanding the Genetics

The presence of Pembroke Welsh Corgi long hair is a result of a recessive gene. While the majority of Corgis sport the classic short coat, the long hair gene occasionally manifests, giving rise to these fluffy beauties. This genetic variation adds to the diversity within the breed and provides enthusiasts with a unique and sought-after variation of the beloved Corgi.

Embracing the Appeal of Long-Haired Corgis

What sets the long-haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi apart from its short-haired counterpart is not just its physical appearance but also its personality. While both varieties share the characteristic intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness that Corgis are known for, long-haired Corgis often exhibit a softer, more gentle demeanor. Their fluffy coats invite cuddles and strokes, making them irresistible to anyone lucky enough to encounter them.

Caring for Long-Haired Corgis

Maintaining the luxurious coat of a long-haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi requires a bit of extra effort compared to their short-haired counterparts. Regular grooming is essential to prevent matting and tangling, particularly in areas prone to friction such as behind the ears and under the legs. Brushing their coat several times a week not only keeps it looking its best but also helps distribute natural oils, promoting a healthy shine.

The Appeal of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Long Hair

The allure of the long-haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi lies not only in its physical attributes but also in the joy and companionship it brings to its owners. Whether frolicking in the backyard, curling up on the couch for a nap, or charming everyone they meet with their wagging tails and affectionate nature, these fluffy Corgis never fail to capture hearts wherever they go.

Your Source for Long-Haired Corgis

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The Fluffy Long-Haired Corgi A Rare Gem

In the realm of Corgi enthusiasts, the fluffy long haired corgi variety is somewhat of a hidden gem. Unlike their short-haired counterparts, these Corgis boast a mane of soft, flowing fur that adds an element of elegance to their appearance. Their fluffy coats often feature a distinct undercoat, which contributes to their plush and velvety texture.


In conclusion, the long-haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a true testament to the beauty and diversity of this beloved breed. With their fluffy coats, gentle demeanor, and unwavering devotion, these charming companions hold a special place in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. And for those eager to welcome one of these delightful dogs into their lives, PembrokesofWalnutCreek stands ready to make that dream a reality.