A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Chemical Peel Treatment

If one desires a radiant complexion and wants to reduce the signs of aging, one can opt for Chemical Peeling Treatment in Bangalore. The treatment exfoliates dull surface layers, increases collagen production, and improves texture and tone. Chemical peels are a great facial treatment for those who desire to achieve brighter, smoother, and glowing skin. Prior to a chemical peel treatment, patients can take a few steps to prepare and optimize their skin to achieve the best results.

This comprehensive post will detail some tips on preparing for a chemical treatment. With these tips, one can achieve stunning and youthful-looking skin. But first, let’s understand what a chemical peel treatment is.

What is a Chemical Peel Treatment?

Medical-grade chemical peels are considered safe, noninvasive, and FDA-approved. These peels use glycolic, salicylic, lactic, or retinoic acid to resurface the epidermis and promote collagen production to achieve smoother, firmer, and more even-toned skin. During a chemical peel treatment, one may feel a tingling sensation. Post-treatment, the skin may swell or appear red, but this will subside as the skin recovers. The skin will start peeling within three days and will continue to peel for up to ten days.

How to Prepare For a Chemical Peel Treatment?

1. Choose the Right Peel

The patient’s skin condition and age influence the skin’s sensitivity. Moreover, chemical peels are available in three strengths: superficial, medium, and deep. One must discuss the options with a dermatologist to determine the most suitable choice according to their treatment goals.

2. Wait For at Least two Weeks After the Last Skin Procedure

If one has recently had any other skin procedure such as microneedling, dermal fillers, laser hair reduction, etc, they must wait a few weeks before having chemical peels.

3. Avoid Medications

To understand the contraindications, one must discuss any conditions or medicines they have been taking with a dermatologist. For example, oral contraceptives can increase skin photosensitivity or interact with the peel. Some can be avoided for some days, whereas some may require waiting for several months. If looking for the best skin clinic in Bangalore for chemical peel treatment, one can visit Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic.

4. Avoid Exfoliating

As the treatment will chemically exfoliate the skin, do not apply manual exfoliation for at least a week prior to the appointment. Additionally, one must avoid scrubbing and check for ingredients in other products, such as alpha—or beta-hydroxy acids and proteolytic enzymes.

5. Stay Out of the Sun

It is best to avoid having a chemical peel if one recently had sun damage. Moreover, one should also refrain from tanning for a few weeks before the treatment.  

6. Keep the Skin Hydrated

Drink water and avoid any beverages or medications that could make the skin dry. Also, avoid alcohol and anti-acne drugs for several days before the appointment.

Things to Avoid After a Chemical Peel Treatment

1. Avoid Picking or Scratching the Skin

Chemical peels expose sensitive skin and cause the top layers of the skin to peel. This might irritate patients, and they might feel the urge to remove the peeling skin. Peeling, touching, picking, or scratching the skin after a chemical peel can cause bleeding, infections, breakouts, and scarring. To prevent such problems, use a moisturizer and let the skin shed naturally.

2. Avoid Using Too Many Skincare Products

After a chemical peel treatment, it is best to use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. One must avoid using retinol creams or heavier products with active ingredients and irritants. After a medium peel, one must wait a week to resume their usual skincare regimen. After a deep peel, one will have to wait longer for the skin to completely heal.

3. Avoid Excessive Skin Exposure

One must avoid exposure to the sun, tanning beds and other sources of heat. Sweating and overheating can aggravate the skin, lead to an infection, and prolong the healing process after a chemical peel treatment.

4. Avoid Strenuous Physical Activities

One must avoid intensive workouts after a chemical peel treatment. Strenuous physical activities cause excessive sweating and increase blood circulation, which delays recovery and increases the chances of complications post-treatment.

What Happens to the Skin After a Chemical Peel Treatment?

If chemical peels are performed for intense exfoliation to get rid of pigmentation and marks, the skin looks dull the next day, and in another 2-3 days, the old skin starts shedding. The new skin must be protected with sunscreen and moisturizers. Temporary redness, dark patches, or dryness might occur, especially around sensitive areas like the eyes or mouth. Occasionally, small pimple-like eruptions may appear if there are many blackheads or whiteheads.

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