Where to Find the Best Deals on Last Minute Plane Tickets?

The allure of spontaneous travel is undeniable. That itch to pack a bag and head to a new destination can strike at any moment. But the fear of exorbitant last minute flight prices often holds us back. While it’s true that last minute flights won’t be the cheapest option, there are ways to be a savvy traveler and snag a decent deal. Here’s your guide to finding the best deals on last minute plane tickets:

Embrace Flexibility:

  • Destination: Last minute deals are often driven by airline needs to fill empty seats. Be open to exploring new locations! Flight search engines like Skyscanner [Search skyscanner last minute deals] and Google Flights [Search google flights] allow you to search for flights by region instead of a specific destination. This way, you can see where the best deals are hiding.

  • Dates: Similar to destinations, being flexible with travel dates increases your chances of finding a bargain. Consider flying on weekdays or red-eye flights, which are typically less popular and cheaper.

  • Airports: Look beyond your main airport. Many metro areas have smaller airports that may offer lower fares on budget airlines.

Utilize Flight Deal Websites and Apps:

  • Flight Deal Apps: Download apps like Hopper [Hopper app] and Kayak [Kayak app] that track flight prices and send you alerts when prices drop.

Become a Deal-Hunting Ninja:

  • Clear Your Browsing History: Websites can track your searches and inflate prices over time. Clear your browsing history and cookies before searching for flights.

  • Incognito Mode: Use incognito or private browsing mode to avoid price hikes based on previous searches.

  • Sign Up for Email Alerts: Airlines and travel websites often send out email alerts about flash sales and last minute plane tickets. Sign up for the mailing lists of your preferred airlines and travel companies.

Consider Alternative Travel Options:

  • One-Way Flights: Don’t be afraid to consider booking one-way flights on different airlines for your outbound and return journeys. This can sometimes be cheaper than a round-trip ticket.

  • Be Open to Nearby Airports: Flying into a smaller airport near your destination might be significantly cheaper. Factor in the cost of ground transportation (taxi, bus) to your final destination when making your decision.

  • Multi-City Flights: If you have a longer trip planned, consider booking multi-city flights with stopovers in destinations you’d like to explore. This can be a great way to experience multiple places for a comparable price.


  • Last Minute Might Not Be That Last: While some amazing deals pop up right before departure, aiming for a window of 7-14 days before your travel date can still offer significant savings compared to booking months in advance.

  • Factor in Additional Costs: Don’t forget to factor in additional costs like baggage fees, airport transfers, and travel insurance when comparing prices.

  • Be Prepared to Compromise: last minute flight deals often come with some compromises. Flights might have inconvenient timings, layovers, or limited seat selection.

By employing these strategies and being adaptable, you can transform your spontaneous travel dreams into reality without breaking the bank. So, pack your bags, embrace a little adventure, and get ready to score that last minute flight deal!